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The Persephone book token is sent out with a copy of the latest Persephone Biannually and a card with your message. We send the token free of charge, but include the cost of sending the books to the recipient once they have chosen them; for example, a book token for one book sent within the UK costs £13 plus £2.50 postage and a book token for three books costs £33 plus £2.50 postage per book ie. £40; but we do not charge to post out the actual token.

If you decide to buy more than one token, please specify if you would like one token for several books, or would prefer separate tokens, each for one book (in which case we would send a Biannually to accompany each separate token).

At the moment Persephone book tokens cannot be redeemed on our website, so please telephone 01225 425050 or email if you would like to use a token to have your books sent to you: all we need is your name and address and the number on the token.

An excellent option if you are looking for a gift voucher!

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