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by Katherine Mansfield
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ISBN 9781903155592

Katherine Mansfield’s Journal is one of the classics of twentieth century literature; it is a uniquely truthful record of a great writer at work, of the spirit of a genius in the last ten years of her life, and of the development of the modern mind during the early years of the last century. Her husband John Middleton Murry compiled the Journal soon after she died and it was published in 1927. It consists of fragments of diary entries, unposted letters, scraps of writing, in other words anything that was dated or could have a date attributed to it and that could be woven into a volume called a ‘journal’. Katherine Mansfield’s Journal is far more than an intermittent record of twelve years of a writer’s life: it is intensely observant, self-critical, self-chastising, confessional, atmospheric, agonised and funny, an essential document for anyone interested in women’s writing of the last century and in one of its greatest writers. We were nudged into reprinting it after reading a notebook entry by Irène Némirovsky two days before she was deported in July 1942: "In my bag I have put Volume II of Anna Karenina, the journal of Katherine Mansfield, and an orange."


Endpapers taken from 'Amenophis III' by Roger Fry, a printed linen designed in 1913 for the Omega Workshops

Read What Readers Say

Daily Mail

You’ll find none of the vanity, score settling or tittle-tattle that mars so many journals. Though Katherine Mansfield bemoans the rain, her persistent illness, even her writing, it’s impossible not to love Mansfield’s candour and be drawn in by her impassioned voice. An elegant reissue of an essential writer

Hermione Lee, ‘The Guardian’

[Mansfield’s] startling, vivid, intimate voice still comes pouring off these pages… She is always driving herself along, with the utmost rigour. These are formidably self-lacerating, self-critical diaries.

Categories: Abroad Bloomsbury Diaries

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