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10 October 2018


A wallhanging: it’s going to be interesting to see at the Tate exhibition how it will show Anni Albers’s work developing – since in some ways her most interesting design (this geometric one with all its variations) was completed when she was in her mid ’20s and everything subsequently was a variation on the same theme. But the display is obviously stunning. Adrian Searle in the Guardian today says: ‘it is rare to come from an exhibition so buoyed up, so ravished and so covetous as I did after seeing Anni Albers at Tate Modern. Her art gives pleasure to the eye and to the mind and to the touch…I almost inhaled this exhibition.. her textile art gives pleasure to a room, to a wall, a bed, a floor, to the spaces in between… Albers’ hand-woven art is a lesson in colour and geometry, method and singularity; tactile and optical, spatial and utilitarian; most of all, her work gives pleasure, and this exhibition is a revelation and a delight.’

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