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For customers in Europe, we charge £23 for a grey book and £18 for a Classic.The postage is free.

For customers in the Rest of the World (the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc), we charge £25 for a grey book and £20 for a Classic. The postage is free.

In other currencies, the cost of one grey book therefore works out at about €28 to the E.U., US$35 to the U.S., CAN$44 to Canada, AUS$48 to Australia, and so on. There is a discount if you buy three books (or six, or nine…).

However, we encourage visitors to our website to select their local currency before shopping, at which point the site will reflect the prices in their current location. If the shipping destination is a different location, this will be reflected at checkout.

Books are sent in separate envelopes unless you buy six or more, in which case they are sent together in a box.

We are aware that the price of sending a book outside the UK is high and we are very sad about this, but like all small business in the U.K. the combination of hugely increased postage costs and the Brexit-induced form-filling means we have had to make serious adjustments. We hope you understand.

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