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For customers in Europe, we charge £24 for a grey book and £19 for a Classic. There is a discount if you buy three books (or six, or nine…). The cost of international shipping is included in the price.

For customers in the Rest of the World (the US, Canada, Australia, etc), we charge £27 for a grey book and £21 for a Classic. There is a discount if you buy three books (or six, or nine…). The cost of international shipping is generally included in the price, although there are some exceptions: when we send books to the Rest of the World (U.S., Canada, Australia, etc), we add a surcharge of £10 per book for those that weigh over 500g (about 325 pages) in order to cover the increased amount charged by the shipping company for this.

We encourage visitors to our website to select their local currency before shopping, at which point the site will reflect the prices in their current location. If the shipping destination is a different location, this will be reflected at checkout.

Books are sent in separate envelopes unless you buy six or more, in which case they are sent together in a box. They usually arrive within a couple of weeks; however, at the moment we are finding some orders are taking more like 4-6 weeks to arrive unfortunately, due to global transport issues.

We are aware that the price of sending a book outside the UK is high and we are very sad about this, but like all small business in the U.K. the combination of hugely increased postage costs and the Brexit-induced form-filling means we have had to make serious adjustments. We hope you understand.

A note for our EU customers:

Ever since the UK left the EU (sob), we have had huge difficulties sending books to Europe. Issues surrounding the specific changes in rules and additional costs - particularly with regards to shipping, customs, and VAT charges - have been developing over the past few months and these are dealt with differently by each European customs agency.

Depending on where you live, therefore, your local customs agency may decide to insist on additional charges on your order, such as import fees, declaration fees, administrative fees, and import taxes. Persephone Books has no control over these and any payment that is required for customs clearance is the sole responsibility of the customer. 

You may of course refuse to claim your order due to customs charges. For unclaimed orders which are returned to Persephone Books, the customer will only be refunded the cost of the book, but will not be refunded shipping costs. Refunds will be issued only once an order has been received.

Please note that a number of customs agencies destroy unclaimed parcels instead of returning them; parcels which are returned to sender may take up to 12 weeks to reach us.  Persephone Books is not responsible for unclaimed parcels which are destroyed or lost in transit. 

With this in mind, we  encourage you to research your local customs rules and charges before placing an order with us.

We are so sorry for any inconvenience these issues cause, but they are entirely beyond our control.

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