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The Persephone book group

The evening book group is on the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm and is reading the Grey books; next will be PB no. 5 An Interrupted Life on May 11th and PB no. 6 The Victorian Chaise-tongue on June 8th. Madeira and Bath Olivers with cheese will be served.

The morning book group is on the third Thursday of the month at 10.30am and is reading the Classics; next will be PB no. 16 Saplings on May 19th and PB no. 21 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day on June 16th. Coffee and a slice of cake will be served.

You can sign up to each event on an individual basis and there’s no need to commit to coming every month, so if you are free and would like to join us for a lively and friendly hour or so of discussion, do get in touch. 

Each book group takes place on the first floor of our Bath shop and is led by a member of the Persephone team. There is space for fifteen people and the cost is £10 per person. Please ring us on 01225 425050 to book your place.

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