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The Persephone Box Set

by Persephone Books

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The Far Cry
A Well Full of Leaves
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'Mademoiselle Guillaumin Reading' 1898 by Armand Guillaumin

The Persephone Box Set is a selection of six Persephone books: curated by us and delivered in a beautiful grey cardboard box filled with pink tissue paper and tied with grey ribbon.

Choose from one of the twelve Box Sets below:

An Introduction to Persephone Books
The PrioryThe World that was OursThe Fortnight in SeptemberThe Home-MakerThe Persephone Book of Short Stories, Miss Buncle's Book

Six Cheerful Books
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Diary of a Provincial Lady, Mariana, The Fortnight in September, Expiation, Greenery Street 

Six Feminist Books 
William – an Englishman, The Home-Maker, A Woman's Place, No Surrender, A Lady and Her Husband, The Call 

Six Wartime Novels
Saplings, Miss Ranskill Comes Home, To Bed with Grand Music, William - An Englishman, Doreen, A House in the Country

Six Books for Men
Little Boy LostOperation Heartbreak,The Hopkins ManuscriptThe OppermannsThe Expendable ManThe Sack of Bath

Six North American Books
FidelityIt's Hard to be Hip over Thirty, The Blank Wall, Hetty DorvalStill Missing, Heat Lightning

Six European Books
Every EyeManjaPlats du JourEffi BriestThe Exiles ReturnMaman, What Are We Called Now?

Six Bloomsbury Books
The Montana Stories, The Wise Virgins, FlushThe Woman Novelist and Other Stories, Journal of Katherine MansfieldA Writer's Diary 

Six Books for the Newlywed
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, Greenery Street, How to Run your Home without Help, Round about a Pound a Week, Dinners for Beginners, Diary of a Provincial Lady

Six Books for the New Mother
The Children who lived in a Barn, Hostages to Fortune, The Home-Maker, The Young Pretenders, Patience, The Squire

Six Books for the Keen Cook
Good Things in England, Plats du Jour, Good Food on the Aga, They Can't Ration These, A New System of Domestic Cookery, The Country Life Cookery Book

The Dorothy Whipple Box Set
Someone at a Distance, GreenbanksThey Knew Mr Knight, The Closed Door and Other Stories, High Wages, Random Commentary


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