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We have forty Persephone e-books: Mariana, Someone at a Distance, The Victorian Chaise-longue, The Home-maker, Good Evening, Mrs Craven, Saplings, They Knew Mr KnightMiss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Family RoundaboutLittle Boy Lost, The Making of a Marchioness, The Far Cry, Greenery Street, Manja, The Priory, Hostages to FortuneThe Blank Wall, Miss Ranskill Comes Home, The World that was Ours, Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary, They Were Sisters, The Fortnight in September, The Expendable ManThe Shuttle, Miss Buncle's Book, High WagesDimanche and Other Stories, Still Missing, Miss Buncle Married, GreenbanksThe Persephone Book of Short Stories, The Exiles Return, The Two Mrs Abbotts, Wilfred and Eileen, Because of the Lockwoods, Greengates, Guard Your Daughters, The Call, National Provincial and Expiation. These cannot be purchased directly from our website but are available from several other places eg. Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.

Several of our books are available on the web to download as e-books free of charge: William – an EngishmanFidelityConsequences, Reuben Sachs, The Montana Stories (some are here and others here), The Making of a MarchionessFlushThe Shuttle Amours de VoyageThe Mystery of Mrs BlencarrowNo Surrender, A Writer's Diary, Diary of a Provincial Lady and A Room of One's Own; and some Persephone books may be bought as e-books from other publishers, for example Good Things in England is available from Vintage,  Hetty Dorval from New Canadian Library, Earth and High Heaven from Cormorant Books, The Hopkins Manuscript and Effi Briest from Penguin, The Crowded Street from VMC, The New Magdalen from Start Classics, The Rector's Daughter from Rare Treasure and A Well Full of Leaves from Aspal.

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