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20th May 2022

And of course comfortable sofas were thought rather decadent. It is significant that Nero has the sofa and Jane is perched on a rather stiff looking armchair. This is the endpaper for The Carlyles at Home.

19th May 2022

Most twentieth-century middle-class households would have had a chaise-longue, even if not an embroidered one as in The Victorian Chaise-longue.

18th May 2022

In many of our books eg novels by Dorothy Whipple or DE Stevenson, the families would definitely not have had a bentwood rocking chair, it would have been seen as outlandish. But of course the characters in The Oppermanns not only revered Thonet bentwood, they sold it in their shops.

17th May 2022

Unappealing aesthetically, but a vintage Parker Knoll armchair is so terribly comfortable, and if recovered in a wonderful fabric could even become a thing of beauty.

16th May 2022

Read the book, sit on the chair: this week on the Post the kind of chair the characters would have sat on in Family Roundabout or Saplings or Princes in the Land, in fact in most of our books. One could indeed write a page for the Biannually on furniture in Persephone books, starting naturally with The Victorian Chaise-longue. First, an Arts and Crafts chair. We have one of these in the shop and when customers aren't sitting on it we hook both types of Persephone bag, the linen and the canvas, over it.

13th May 2022

Simran Janjua's Dadi's Love 2020 was taken during lockdown. This photograph says so much: about women's lives and the pandemic and love for one another.

12th May 2022

'A Woman Playing a Clavichord' Gerrit Dou (1613-75) c.1665

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