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22 October 2021

One of the most appealing things about cyclamen is that they have been a popular and beloved plant for so long. This is Persian Cyclamen 1880 by F E Hulme. 

21 October 2021

William Nicholson painted this oil painting of cyclamen in 1937, it's at the Courtauld. Interesting that nowsdays we almost never pick cyclamen and put them in a jug, we almost always have them as plants in pots, goodness knows why.

20 Oct0ber 2021

'One of the first signs of autumn is the swaths of C.hederifolium  beneath trees in older gardens – each one a perfect pink miniature version of a shop-bought cyclamen at about 8cm tall. The leaves tend to emerge later and cover the ground all winter with a carpet of silver-marked dark green. Like snowdrops, every plant has differently-marked leaves' (here).

19 October 2021

The cyclamen symbolises the empathetic, devoted heart, and was therefore planted beside old monasteries and churchyards in the countries around the Mediterranean. In Japan it is the holy flower of love. We were very touched by an email a reader sent to us yesterday: 'In our wonderful childhood garden our parents had autumn cyclamen, rejoicing at their appearance in the darkening year - bright hallmarks of joy. When we left the nest, their cyclamen were duly shared to grow in our own first gardens, subsequently always moving on with us  - precious symbols of connection and continuity. As a widower, celebrating the arrival of grandchildren in his advancing years, our father continued to enjoy his little jewels - emotive emblems of mortality. Following his death, our annual autumn cyclamen would herald memories - poignant ensigns of reflection, reminiscence and remembrance. Our own children are now leaving the nest, departing with cyclamen in hand - cherished round tubers of tradition.' We haven't had time to ask this Persephone reader's permission to reprint these lines, but we suspect she won't mind. We for our part are a bit overwhelmed by this beautiful description of the circle and renewal and growth of family love symbolised by cyclamen.

18 October 2021

To celebrate the shop's newly planted window boxes, this week the Post focuses on – cyclamen. Here they are in the wild.

15 October 2021

In this photograph Sophie Taeuber-Arp is on the left. Next to her is Sonia Delaunay. Jean Arp is standing.and an unknown friend is sitting with them. It is 1941 in Grasse: the three artists worked together all during that summer and winter. 

Together with their friend Alberto Magnelli, with whom they stayed, they formed a small and brief artistic colony, collaborating on a series of drawings which were eventually published in Paris in 1950 as a portfolio of 10 colour lithographs – known as the Album Grasse. Then in 1942 the Arps managed to get to their home in Zurich. But a few months later Sophie was dead, having been tragically killed by monoxide poisoning because of a faulty heater. More details of this last creative partnership in her life at Apollo magazine.

14 October 2021

Even this Composition Horizontal/ Verticale 1921 is beautiful in a way that would not normally be appealing but somehow is tremendously interesting and attractive.

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