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29 July 2021

Few people outside the UK will have heard of Dawn Butler. But she is the MP who was brave enough to call Boris Johnson a liar in the House of Commons and for this was expelled from the House for the day. It is sick-making that our children and grandchildren have to accept that we are governed by people who never tell the truth. And for someone to highlight this is admirable.

28 July 2021

Jacinda Ardern is Prime Minister of New Zealand. If we in the UK had someone with even a tenth of her qualities our lives would be different in a thousand different way. But alas it is what it is. When 'all this' is over do go to New Zealand for a holiday if you can possibly afford it: in order to understand why everyone loves it so much. Robin Hyde, Maud Pember Reeves, Amber Reeves and Katherine Mansfield are our New Zealand writers.

27 July 2021

Sarah Gilbert needs no introduction but here, for those who don't have her name in the forefront of their minds, is an article about her. We understand that we are not meant to think it's relevant/awe-inspiring that she has triplets (now grown-up). But honestly! It's superhuman to have brought up her three children, remained with her partner and achieved what she has professionally. She and her colleague Catherine Green have written a book (!) which of course we sell in the shop. It's called Vaxxers and actually to write a book with someone else is another huge achievement. This is what the New Statesman said: 'Sarah Gilbert] has been the adult in the room and the accidental leadership figure the moment demands.' So so true.

26 July 2021

This week on the Post: contemporary women we admire. First up: Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, who recently won a huge mandate in Moldova's parliamentary election, 'securing enough parliamentary seats to ensure the country's pro-Russian opposition cannot obstruct the broad reformist agenda that won her the presidency in November last year' (here). She says the 'reign of thieves' is over. Wish we could say the same in the UK.

23 July 2021

Caterina van Hemessen (1528-c.1587) Portrait of a Woman with a Dog. This has been on the Post before but is too beautiful not to have a second time. Whether the dog is a puppy or whether the proportions are wrong we shall never know but goodness this painting is characterful. Here is an interesting blog about Caterina van H.

22 July 2021

Self-portrait by the fabulous German painter Gabriele Munter (1877-1962), more details about her here.

21 July 2021


Elizabeth Forbes (1859-1912) was born in Canada and lived  and worked in the UK. She was married to the painter Stanhope Forbes. School is Out was painted in 1889. Apologies to those with long memories as we may have had this on the Post before, but it so bears repeating. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the marvellous Anne with an E which got us through the first spring and summer of lockdown. If anyone can recommend something equally good for this summer please let us know.

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