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10th May 2022

Botticelli's Portrait of Esmeralda Bandinelli c 1471 is in the Dulwich exhibition.

9th May 2022

A new exhibition has opened at the Dulwich Picture Gallery which is ground-breaking: it doesn't focus on one artist, and in the past this would mostly have been a dead white male artist, but on a theme. There is such scope here! What about woman doing housework? Women looking after children? The kitchen? The shop-keeper? Oh there are dozens of pictures which have been painted but never gathered in a group. First up in this clearly marvellous exhibition (we have not yet been but my goodness we shall be going) is a photograph: Woman Reading Possession Order 1997 by Tom Hunter, normally in the V & A.

6th May 2022

And of course there is a Fleetwood-Walker on the front of the Classic edition of Mariana.

5th May 2022


To make us feel we are on holiday, 'Family at Polperro' 1934-36. Do look at more of Fleetwood-Walker's work here. This painting is at Birmingham. 

4th May 2022

This is Joan, painted by Fleetwood-Walker in the 1930s, it's at Birmingham City University.

3rd May 2022

B Fleetwood-Walker is one of our very favourite artists and this week on the Post four paintings by him taken from his family's excellent website here. This is 'The Family' 1932 and here is some information about the painting: '

The artist's first wife, Mickey, and two sons, Colin and Guy are the central features of this painting of his family, and while Fleetwood‐Walker himself is a somewhat shadowy figure in the background, his presence is almost like a guardian angel. The family are on a summer's picnic in an idealised landscape, possibly in Cornwall where the whole family went with students from the Birmingham School of Art on sketching tours.' The painting is at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

29th April 2022

And something glorious with which to end the week and to look beautiful on the website over the Bank Holiday weekend: 'Dahlias' by Dora Carrington (1893-1932), who died so tragically young but left a deeply impressive body of work.

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