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10th October 2022

This is the last week to see 'Thirty Pieces of Silver' (1988-89) at Tate Britain before the Cornelia Parker exhibition closes. It comprises one thousand silver objects which were flattened by a steamroller at the request of the artist. As an installation it is stunning, but it is also fascinating as a reminder of all the items of silverware that have been mostly discarded: tureens, toast racks, sugar tongs, sauce boats, candlesticks, trophies, cigarette cases, cake stands, and all sorts of cutlery. They represent a different way of housekeeping and dining, examples of which can be found in so many Persephone books, such as The Shuttle. In later books eg Milton Place and A House in the Country the silverware is no doubt left to become tarnished in cupboards and velvet-lined boxes until it is finally dispensed with when more people began to run their homes without help.

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