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11 January 2016

The-Indian-Rug-or-Red-Slippers.anne redpath '42

There is a stunning exhibition in Edinburgh (on until June) Modern Scottish Women: Painters and Sculptors 1885-1965 . The show has prompted all kinds of interesting comment germane to Persephone Books, for example Claudia Massie in the Spectator began, ‘Modern Scottish Men, a new exhibition celebrating the achievements of male artists in the 20th century, opens next month in Edinburgh. Men only; no women. Bold! Only joking. That show would never happen today. How could it? Where would an exclusive, specifically male-only exhibition be tolerated these days? A women-only show, on the other hand, would be fair enough; we need to point out that the wee dears can paint too.’  The Indian Rug or Red Slippers by Anne Redpath was painted in 1942.

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