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11 October 2016

eric and T

And here is a photograph which appears in the book and in the Biannually. It is ‘Rav’ and Tirzah painting in 1933 at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. Most people would look at this and think, and who is the painter and who the apprentice? As Tirzah’s daughter Anne Ullmann said very gracefully (in a piece here about a new mural being painted at the hotel three years ago), ‘it is probably Tirzah, and not Ravilious himself, who put most of the work into the Midland Hotel mural, and a stylistic comparison between some of her own oil paintings and the mural bear this notion out.’ Yet, inevitably, the new mural is called ‘a homage to the work of Eric Ravilious’ e.g. by the BBC here.

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