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12 August 2015

Portrait of Sheila Elson by Charles Mozley 1965

Twice a year, in April and October, half a dozen friends to Persephone come and spend the day in the shop in order to send out the new Persephone Biannually to the ‘foreigns’. Of course this could be done by our printer (Lavenham) who does the UK Biannuallies, but it has been a fun tradition for many years of sitting round the table with the ‘envelope stuffers’, chatting, drinking coffee, having lunch and finally sending them home with a goody bag – and our huge thanks. Sheila Elson, who used to work at Westerham Press and ‘was generally thought to run the company’, is one of them; Charles Mozley (he painted the Shell poster on the front of our Classic edition of Miss Pettigrew) did this portrait of her in 1965.

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