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13 December 2019


Our sadness cannot be put into words. Some of the people we care about are still MPs – Keir Starmer, Tulip Sadiq, Rachel Reeves, Rosie Duffield, Wera Hobhouse. But Dominic Grieve! And so many others. And the fact that we shall now leave Europe. It’s the bleakest Friday 13th we have ever known. Only ray of light: we had always promised ourselves that if the UK left Europe, we would return to Berlin, which our ancestors left in 1933. This will now happen. How or when and whether for a month or a week or six months is all to be decided. But the thought of a small flat in Charlottenburg is the only thing keeping us cheerful this bleak Friday morning. Here is our heroine Ursula Von der Leyen on Wednesday announcing the European Green Deal. From which the UK will now be excluded.

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