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14 December 2020

A couple of weeks ago we had the five best films of 1945-65 on the Post and said that we would suggest five for 1925-45 in the New Year. Well, here they are for Christmas viewing! Except unfortunately the first up is a great film but has been seen by only a tiny handful of Persephone readers (it was going to be shown in Bruton in Somerset in March, to a sold-out out crowd, but we all know what happened to that plan). The Homemaker (1924, so we are stretching the point), based on our bestselling reprint, is a silent film, rediscovered by Kevin Brownlow in an archive in California. It is one of the best films ever made – because it is so subtle and true about human nature. And all wordlessly! We plan to show it next year, but who knows. There is an excellent piece about the film here.

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