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15 November 2021

The Marmottan in Paris has a fantastic (sounding) new exhibition. Goodness knows if we shall be able to get to it but on the Post this week – some highlights. The exhibition is called Julie Manet: An Impressionist Heritage; her mother was Berthe Morisot and her father was Eugene Manet, the brother of the famous painter. Julie was brought up at 40 rue Villejust, where the Morisot-Manets offered 'one of the most authentic centres of civilised Parisian life' said Renoir. This is Morisot’s painting of Julie aged 8 and the concierge’s daughter, Marthe Givaudan, playing with goldfish in a beautiful bowl which was a gift from Morisot’s brother-in-law Edouard Manet.  If Dorothy Canfield Fisher had seen this painting she would have very much approved: the Montessori doctrine, and her own beliefs, wanted children to learn how to use beautiful objects rather than just look at them behind locked glass cabinets.

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