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15 October 2020

When mourning the Bath buildings that were lost in the '60s and '70s, due to the stupidity and corruption of the local council, we also need to remember the 417 people killed and 1000 people injured during the Bath Baedeker raids on April 25th and 26th 1942. It was presumably the gaping holes in the fabric of the city, the fun to be had in rushing up new buildings, and the money to be made ditto, that first got the councillors and property developers and building firms aware of the possibilities. (And the only 'good thing', if there is a good thing, is that the German bombers were aiming for the Royal Crescent, the Circus etc but, miraculously, they missed.) Much was gone for ever (there is an excellent book about the Bath Blitz). And much would go over the next 25 years. And yet in essence Bath has survived intact, scarred and blighted but still there in all its gloriousness. Conservation is the new watchword and thank heavens for that.

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