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15 October 2021

In this photograph Sophie Taeuber-Arp is on the left. Next to her is Sonia Delaunay. Jean Arp is standing.and an unknown friend is sitting with them. It is 1941 in Grasse: the three artists worked together all during that summer and winter. 

Together with their friend Alberto Magnelli, with whom they stayed, they formed a small and brief artistic colony, collaborating on a series of drawings which were eventually published in Paris in 1950 as a portfolio of 10 colour lithographs – known as the Album Grasse. Then in 1942 the Arps managed to get to their home in Zurich. But a few months later Sophie was dead, having been tragically killed by monoxide poisoning because of a faulty heater. More details of this last creative partnership in her life at Apollo magazine.

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