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16th March 2022

Jacqueline Mesnil-Amar and her husband lived in Paris. When war broke out the family lived in Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and nine different places in Paris, often separately because André was first in the French army and then joined a Jewish resistance network. In 1957 Jacqueline's diary for 18th July–25th August 1944 was published as Ceux qui ne dormaient pas, translated by Persephone Books as Maman, What Are We Called Now?  The heroism and bravery of someone Jewish continuing to live in Paris during the war is remarkable. But then the heroism and bravery of the people on the news at the moment is equally remarkable – ranging from those who are staying in Kiev, to the journalists who carry on calmly, to the Russians who dare to shout 'not in my name', to thousands if not millions of ordinary people we never hear about.

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