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18 October 2019


So now we now have come full circle, wondering if May Morris (1862-1938) and Karin Larsson (1859-1928) might ever have met, might have been friends indeed? This is unlikely, but there are many people who might be able to tell us and we shall ask Jan Marsh who has curated the exhibition Pre-Raphaelite Sisters: Models, Artists, Muses for the National Portrait Gallery, London which opened yesterday. This ‘explores the overlooked contribution of twelve women to this iconic artistic movement and reveals the women behind the pictures and their creative roles in Pre-Raphaelite’s successive phases between 1850 and 1900: Joanna Wells, Fanny Cornforth, Marie Spartali Stillman, Evelyn de Morgan, Christina Rossetti, Georgiana Burne-Jones, Effie Millais, Elizabeth Siddal, Maria Zambaco, Jane Morris, Annie Miller, Fanny Eaton.’ Five will be on the Post next week. Meanwhile we shall ask Jan Marsh about May and Karin…

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