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19 December 2019



From The New European today: ‘This isn’t about whether the government is Conservative, Labour,
Lib Dem or Green. It isn’t about Leave or Remain. It’s about allowing our society to be built on lies, deceit and dishonesty. People saw their prime minister refuse to look at a photograph of a sick child; people who already knew that he had lied to them and “discounted” it. They watched him bluster and dodge and dive. And they didn’t care. They still believed that he had their interests at heart, that his Brexit would be good for them, that Corbyn would bankrupt the country. And so they voted for him. And that is why we are sunk.’ It seems absurd to put up a nice picture of Christmas roses when this Christmas is a period of mourning and reflection. But here, as is traditional, is a painting of them. It is by Charlotte Elizabeth Smith (1871-1951). And we promise that in the New Year, when we have ‘got over’ things, the Post will return to its formerly politics-free zone. (But we should add – we are SO grateful to the readers of the Post and the Letter who have written to say that appreciate our stance.) (Link to The New European here.)

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