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19 May 2021

The Geffrye Museum, now called The Museum of the Home, has been awarded three-quarters of a million pounds. Oh dear, we of all people, with our emphasis on the domestic and domestic values, should like the Geffrye'e new name. But somehow we can't relate to it. At all. Could somebody give us some therapy and explain why? We would have preferred The Domestic Space Museum (DSM) or the Museum of the History of the Home (MHH) or The Home Museum (The HM), in any case something more, well, sophisticated. Fifteen years ago there was a fantastic exhibition at the Geffrye, details here, it was simply called Home and Garden. So, yes, the Home and Garden Museum would be best. But there already is the Garden Museum in Lambeth so maybe The Home Museum would be best. Well, too late now as presumably all the 'branding' has been done.

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