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1st September 2022

Welcome to Persephone Post Mark 2. Mark 2 because it's going to be written by me, Jane Brocket. It will still follow the format of the Persephone Post which has appeared every weekday (high days and holidays excepted) for many years.There will be a weekly theme or subject which links to, or complements, Persephone books and authors. It will, I hope, provide a small daily offering of the sort of beauty and creativity which Persephone Books has for so long celebrated. 

After writing my own, now-defunct blog, I feel like Rhoda in The New House. As she contemplates the new garden where 'nasturtiums had sown themselves all over...with a generous profusion of gold and tangerine trumpets', she feels at home there. I am delighted to be in this new home and, as early September is the high point for brilliant nasturtiums in gardens and allotments, I thought I'd begin the Persephone Post Mark 2 with Nasturtiums c.1930 by Rose Mead (1867-1946) which is in the West Suffolk Heritage Service collection.

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