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2 April 2020


A mouli: indispensable for soup and apple sauce. Yesterday’s tomato soup: chop and fry an onion briefly, add a pound of tomatoes, a large chopped raw potato, some basil and bay leaves, simmer for half an hour and put through the mouli. Wash it up straightaway. Apple sauce: wash apples briefly, chop into four or eight, put in saucepan with a bit of water and simmer till soft, put through mouli. Wash it up straightaway. The apple sauce is particularly nutritious ie. ace for the immune system, it’s something to do with the goodness from the skin and pips being incorporated. But then tomatoes are super healthy too. Other staple soup: Hippocrates soup. Wash and roughly chop a carrot, leek, onion, potato, tomato,  stick of celery, half a celeriac root and simmer for two to three hours then mouli. The reason for washing up straightaway is that it is very easy when done immediately, it takes half a minute holding the three disassembled pieces under the cold running water but if you leave it then it becomes a chore. Still, far less of a chore, in the view of many, than washing up a Magimix or similar. Oh we also try and kid ourselves that there is something super healthy for older people about vigorously turning the mouli handle. The young are of course perfectly happy with readymade soup or electric gadgets!

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