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2 February 2015


On Saturday RTÉ Radio 1’s Book Show broadcast an item about us. It was recorded in the shop and gives a rather nice verbal/aural portrait of life at Persephone Books, with the shop bell clanging away and the phone ringing – listen to the item here. So this week on the Post: Ireland. The only Irish writer who got a mention was Norah Hoult, author of There Were No Windows (the inspiration for last week’s posts curiously enough) but there are three others: Mollie Panter-Downes, Betty Miller and Christine Longford. Although the latter was not Irish (she married a Longford), Making Conversation is imbued with Irish wit and charm. Today: the library at Tullynally where she spent her life as an adult and where the Longfords still live. There are lots more wonderful photographs at The Irish Aesthete here.

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