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20 April 2020


UnknownThere is a new book about Hampstead artists in the 1930s, with an extract in the Observer here about Barbara Hepworth. What a pity the book doesn’t cover the writers and in particular the women writers! Well, it reminded us that we have the notes for a talk/lecture we have given a few times called Hampstead Women Writers and on the Post this week we shall reproduce a few extracts from it.  ‘Several times during 1918 and 1919 Virginia Woolf travelled up to Hampstead to see Katherine Mansfield at 17 East Heath Road, her home between August 1918 and the summer of 1920. Katherine wrote: “This is simply the most divine spot. So remote, so peaceful; if only one could live up here for a really long time and not have to see anybody… It might very well be France, it’s much more like France than it is like England.”’


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