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20 March 2020

19947 (01)-1500

‘A row of historical railway cottages, tucked away from the bustle of Wood Green nr Alexandra Palace, North London, takes the visitor back in time.The tranquil country style garden at 2 Dorset Rd flanks three sides of the house. Clipped hedges contrast with climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, abutilon, grasses and ferns. Trees incl mulberry, quince, fig, apple and a mature willow creating an interesting shady corner with a pond. There is an emphasis on scented flowers that attract bees and butterflies and the traditional medicinal plants found in cottage gardens. No 4 is a pretty secluded garden (accessed through the rear of no 2), and sets off the sculptor owners figurative and abstract work. There are three front gardens open for view. No 14 is an informal, organic, bee friendly garden, planted with fragrant and useful herbs, flowers and shrubs. No 22 is nurtured by the grandson of the original railway worker occupant. A lovely place to sit and relax and enjoy the varied planting. No.24a reverts to the potager style cottage garden with raised beds overflowing with vegetables and flowers.’ Railway Cottages, Dorset Road are on open on Sunday 5th July. This is firmly in the diary and no virus or any other kind of obstacle is going to stop us being there. Fingers crossed. More details here.

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