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20 October 2016

Nash, Paul, 1889-1946; Landscape Composition (Objects in Relation)

‘Landscape Composition (objects in Relation)’, 13 x 15 cm (and thus very nearly actual size when reproduced here) formed part of a model art gallery that was created in 1934 for the art dealer Sydney Burney for an exhibition called ‘Children Throughout the Ages’ in aid of the Greater London Fund for the Blind. ‘Each artist was asked to contribute an original miniature artwork, and thus it forms a miniature artistic time capsule of the period, featuring over thirty artworks by artists including Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Tristram Hillier, Ivon Hitchens, Augustus John, Cedric Morris, Edward Wadsworth – and Paul Nash.’  ‘Landscape Composition’ is normally at the Pallant in Chichester but will be at Tate Britain (from next week) and then Norwich and Newcastle.

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