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21 February 2018


‘In 1899, Edith Craig’s mother Ellen Terry purchased an old farm at Smallhythe, now known as Smallhythe Place, which included three houses. She invited Edith to live in Priest’s House, about 100 yards up the hill from Smallhythe Place. Edith shared the house with two female friends; they were all active in the suffrage movement and their home at Priest’s House seems to have been a haven for many other activists. The trio were part of a literary community that included Virginia Woolf, Vita Sackville-West, and Radclyffe Hall. Edith Craig was determined to create a lasting memorial to her mother. After her death in 1928, she transformed  Smallhythe into a memorial museum, converted the barn into a theatre and organised an annual memorial performance in the theatre.’


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