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21 January 2021

Who managed not to shed a tear during the inauguration ceremony yesterday? And the genius of having all those flags instead of people! So, on the seeds/new shoots theme: some are hoping that Jill Biden will restore the White House Rose Garden (above as it used to be), in particular  bring back the wonderful trees – the Trumps gave the garden a makeover and it now looks like an airport landing strip (which was probably what they intended). But surely the Bidens will think it a waste of money to do another major change? Let's hope they simply bring in Michelle Obama to dig up the horrible vast lawn and turn it into an organic vegetable patch (a few years ago she wrote a good book called American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens across America) or even a wildflower meadow.  Both would be wonderfully symbolic of the new dawn that began yesterday.

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