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21 June 2021

On the Post this week: Larders, inspired by an article about them in the Financial Times. Our mothers all had larders but eventually they began to be thought 'old fashioned' because of refrigerators, freezing, packaged food, 'convenience' food and finally frequent food deliveries. Some of us still have larders and the wooden (or sometimes, luxuriously, marble) shelves are where we store tins and vegetables and dried food and bottles, oh they are indispensable. Ideally they smell faintly of cinnamon and fresh mint and turmeric and icing sugar. Now, for ecological reasons, and because kitchen manufacturers have realised that a larder is a new 'must have' accessory, they are having a moment. Here is one you can buy from Plain English). It is beautiful but only little detail – a genuine larder has a tiny window or at least outside ventilation whereas this looks as though it has been fitted into an alcove so actually is not much different from a cupboard. But it is a thing of beauty.

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