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21 May 2021

Three industrial heritage sites were amongst the 22 heritage projects to receive financial support. One of these is The Black Country Living Museum 'which receives £3,750,000, towards the largest development in its 46-year history to create historical areas spanning the 1940s–1960s'. This museum is similar in concept to those marvellous series they used to have on television eg. The 1900 House, The Edwardian House, The 1940s House, where families volunteered to live for six months frozen in time as though they were in 1900 or the Edwardian Period or the 1940s. Sometimes they were interviewed and asked what they missed most and of course it was always the unexpected eg. hair shampoo. It was an incredibly clever method of conveying historical detail and although there are good books about the series eg The 1940s House by Juliet Gardiner, the television episodes were even better. We are going to investigate to see if they are available. If any Persephone reader thinks they are, please let us know. We might even have a showing when events restart (?September, all fingers crossed) now in the upstairs Persephone Parlour.

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