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21 September 2021

'War artists such as Arabella Dorman are part of a long tradition. A century after the First World War, we are still moved by John Singer Sargent’s haunting painting, Gassed, showing a line of blinded young soldiers. We shudder when we see Henry Moore’s Tube Shelter Perspective, imagining the terror of a Second World War air raid. Alfred Munnings’ paintings of horses in the war-ravaged landscapes of France in 1918 are deeply moving. In modern times the artist Jules George  applied to be a war artist with the Ministry of Defence. He was invited to Afghanistan, joining the 11th Light Brigade in 2010 and created a large body of work. His paintings often show lines of soldiers in the distance, marching against a luminous desert backdrop. He lived on a base in Afghanistan and mainly travelled around in armoured vehicles or a helicopter, but he also experienced going on a foot patrol. What incredible bravery and commitment' (taken from a piece by Anna Behrmann here). This is Outbound 2010.

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