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23 January 2020


Complaints came in yesterday that the Post is too ‘Home Counties’ focused (shades of Celia Johnson!) and that there are other equally wonderful Art Deco cinemas which aren’t, well, just outside London. In our defence, because the shop is in London we are indeed rather focused on it. Also, working in the shop doesn’t give us much time to get out and about. But point taken. Here is the very beautiful Preston Bus Station, number 20 on the C20th Society’s list of successes. More details here. And the conclusion is: ‘Despite long-running pressure to have it demolished, and inclusion of an image of it in Martin Parr’s Boring Postcards (actually quite a compliment surely?), Preston Bus Station holds a special place in the hearts of the local population. A poll conducted by a local newspaper (Lancashire Evening Post, 15 August 2000) revealed that a majority of 57% of readers wanted the building to be given listed status. At present, groups in online social networks have been formed to express support for the building. We hope the Society’s recent listing application will help safeguard this pivotal post-war monument for future generations.’


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