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23 November 2015

Isobel Heath

Isobel Heath (1908-89) is a new discovery of the amazing Sim Fine Art. Some of her work appeared in an auction house in Cornwall last year and Andrew Sim recognised the drawings and watercolours for what they are – superb, approaching the Evelyn Dunbar brilliance. Isobel Heath was living in St Ives in 1939 and volunteered as a war artist, ‘at first gaining permission to draw naval subjects and then embarking on a detailed pictorial record of the Spitfire Fighter Station at Perranporth and the Howton’s camouflage factory in St Ives’ (Sim catalogue). Outworkers ‘booking in’ Commando Vests is in the shop window, (an excellent accompaniment to the ongoing Evelyn Dunbar selling exhibition on the nearby wall).

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