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25 June 2021

There seems to be a lot of discussion as to whether to call it a larder or pantry. Hattie Garlick in her piece linked larder with lard and pantry with pans thereby implying that the larder was more for food and the pantry more for utensils. Nowadays the words are virtually interchangeable. We have one in fact in Edgar Buildings – it's a small room between the kitchen (with two ranges) and what we think of as the housekeeper's room because it has a fireplace (it's now the bookmark room). The larder/pantry has just been cleared to make way for a hundred boxes of pamphlets/monographs/booklets published by the late Cecil Woolf, eighty different ones in the Bloomsbury Heritage series, details here, and we shall sell them in the shop. New uses for a pantry!

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