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25 March 2019

Hilton, Rose, b.1931; Friend in my StudioFinally coming down to earth after the heavenly twentieth birthday celebrations (thank you again for all the messages, flowers, cards, visitors to the shop, friendly remarks), the exhilaration of being with a million like-minded people (we walked/shuffled from Leicester Square to Park Lane, St James’s, Parliament Square and Waterloo for the train home – it took six hours but we wouldn’t have missed a moment), watching the petition top two, three, four and now five million, and yesterday’s glorious weather which allowed us to give the new office dog a proper outing. But now what? We keep one banners particularly in mind: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 52%/SENSE AND SENSIBILITY 48%. But alas, our masters don’t read books, let alone Jane Austen, so that will make no difference to them at all. Indeed, it was like being in a tin-pot dictatorship to walk/shuffle past Downing Street to realise that SHE WASN’T THERE. Naturally she wasn’t there. But then, at the end of the weekend, looking at our emails last night, we were alerted that our beloved Rose Hilton died in her sleep last Tuesday. So back to art and colour and wonderful women painters and a bit of normality: this week on the Post, Rose Hilton (1931-2019). This is Friend in my Studio 1978 and here is a marvellous film about Rose  (we call her that because we have two of her paintings, and living with them makes her our friend even if she never knew it).

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