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25 November 2019


Jessica Dismorr and Her Contemporaries is a huge subject, enough for several weeks of the Post, so this week we shall simply make some glancing references  and then return to these fascinating women at a later date. First of all, Anne Estelle Rice, well-known to Persephone readers for her friendship and links with Katherine Mansfield, but of course a superb painter in her own right. This is Self-Portrait (one of many painted by AER, think how hard it must have been for a woman to employ models to sit for her), it’s 1909-10 and is the kind of painting which makes one mutter for hours about who decides what is great art and what is minor: if you were told this was by a well-known French painter whom we all revere you wouldn’t blink. But it isn’t, it’s a forgotten picture (in a private collection) by a virtually forgotten great painter.

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