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26 October 2021

There were twelve dinner plates. Above is number 2 in the following list: 'The well of each plate is yellow, decorated with a circus ring scene. These comprise: (1) three dark haired females in white decorated leotards and pink tights juggling with green and orange bottles (dinner, soup dish); (2) a dark haired female in a pink and green dress perched on the end of a black spotted, green harnessed horse (dinner, dessert, soup dish); (3) man in evening dress dancing with a white dancing bear with a green muzzle and large pink bow tied around its head (dinner, dessert, soup dish); (4) three brightly dressed clowns, one viewed from the back, the other sideways and one three quarter (dinner, two dessert, soup dish); (5) two clowns one dressed as a pierrot holding a fish, the other top hatted holding a fishing line (dinner, soup dish); (6) man in evening dress with whip standing partially behind a pink harnessed rearing skewbald horse (dinner, dessert, soup dish); (7) three seals balancing green and purple balls on their noses (dinner, dessert, soup dish); (8) female in a brief green costume perched on the centre of a black spotted horse and facing sideways (dinner plate); (9) man from the back with short pink coat and a parasol balancing on the tightrope (dinner plate); (10) lion tamer in loose green trousers standing over a recumbent lion (dinner, dessert, soup dish); (11) three dark haired pink females with green shoes, sitting on trapeze swings (dinner, soup dish); (12) three men, one performing a handstand on a pile of orange and white blocks, one in a crab position and one bending backwards (dinner, two dessert, soup dish).'

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