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28 June 2018


Finally, a poster by a woman that is not in fact in Poster Girls. Post Office Underground Mail Train 1937 by Lili Réthi is an original GPO poster in the Onslows Sale on July 13th. To all the people who come in to the shop asking if our posters are for sale – now is your chance: there are so many amazing posters available to buy which, framed, would be a marvellous present for anyone. We are very tempted by the Lili Réthi (lot 135, here) although it is one of the more expensive of the 173 lots (and there is another Lili Rethi here). Yet: how glorious it would look in the shop window… It’s hard to leave posters behind: next week’s Persephone Post has to be five posters for sale at Onslows…


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