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28th February 2022

This sentence from William – an Englishman keeps echoing in our head: 'So they [William and Griselda] trotted down the valley, humiliated, dishevelled, indignant – but still incredulous – while their world crumbled about them and Europe thundered and bled.' Yet one of the good things to have come out of the last few days is the fantastic and heart-warming coherence and togetherness of the 27 countries in the EU. Of course it is deeply, deeply painful that the absurd, pathetic UK is excluded, even to the extent that we aren't opening our doors to refugees like every other European country.  But maybe, just maybe, this will make Leavers at last realise what they have done. Anyway, enough already. This week on the Post some soothing, unpolitical paintings of streets in London by Charles McCall. This is Drays Unloading,The Duke of Wellington [Portobello Road] 1977. it sold at Bohmans in September 2020 for £3000. Oh to be sitting there peacefully without any thoughts of thundering and bleeding.

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