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3 August 2018

JB 5

Detail of ‘It is the Lord’ window, designed by Joseph Ledger, made by Lowndes & Drury, 1952. St John the Evangelist, St Leonard’s-on-Sea. Jane Brocket’s book has made all of us in the office look at stained glass in a quite new way. As she says: ‘It doesn’t require a lot to enjoy and appreciate stained glass: a pair of eyes is all you need to get started.’ But this wonderfully researched book makes it so  much easier for those who up to now have not looked, much. For stained glass is indeed ‘one of the world’s most fascinating but understated arts, fabulous examples of which pop up everywhere from remote villages to huge cities, from residential suburbs to busy town centres.’ As with everything she does, Jane Brocket looks at stained glass ‘in a new and different way.’ Her book is wonderful value: it is £13, like a Persephone book, and we can send it.

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