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30 August 2016

Tuesday copy

Many of us have had a lot of domesticity recently: deckchairs and buckets and spades and supper in the garden swatting away midges. And Persephone Books prides itself on its focus on what we call, in shorthand form, domestic feminism – yes, we are trying to write that book or article or even academic paper on the subject; we all know what it means intuitively but it is not so easy to define. For now, weary as we are from cooking and tidying the kitchen: here are some country kitchens from a marvellous 1989 book called English Cottage Interiors by Hugh Lander and Peter Rauter. This is a Cornish kitchen, the cast-iron range ‘is of Redruth manufacture and is late 19th century. It is in working order and has been adapted to heat water as well. The glazed earthenware sink, brass bib taps and wooden draining board all accord with the satisfying sense of texture and substance which the cottage proclaims.’ Hear hear.

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