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30 September 2020

This was taken at around the same time as yesterday's photograph. But it makes one feel better just looking at it. There is hope in the world! The Post is uploaded after the morning ordeal of reading the Guardian, where each page has worse news than the last. Then you look at the picture of RBG and hope flickers again. Btw, we listened to an interview with Brenda Hale two nights ago. Of course she was a friend of RBG! What a wonderful combo. Both superb, brilliant lawyers. Both with children. Both with supportive husbands. Both with a sense of humour. And compassion. It's cheering just to know that their friendship existed. (Americans: look up Brenda Hale and you will see that she is the nearest we have to RBG. Happiy, she is very much alive and, though retired, writing books etc. etc. In Richmond, North Yorkshire for those who want all the details.)

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