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31 December 2014

Titzah again

For the last day of the year: a portrait which focuses on the same red as the two previous paintings this week. This extraordinary and beautiful 1944 painting by Duffy Ayres is of our heroine Tirzah Garwood. She was married to Eric Ravilious and was as brilliant an artist as him but was almost completely ignored in her lifetime. There is a very good book but it is a collector’s item; and there was an exhibition in 2012; but we would like more recognition for Tirzah. And for Duffy, who is going to be 100 in 2015 (and apparently lives/lived in Bloomsbury). The beauty and wit and insight, and indeed timelessness, of this portrait sums up, we hope, some of what Persephone Books stands for. Happy New Year to all Persephone readers!


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