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31 January 2018

20359881.jpg-r_1280_720-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxxThere was a 1989 film of Reunion which will be shown at Burgh House in April. Here is a still with our friend Sam West (friend because he lives nearby and once did a marvellous lunchtime talk about Howards End, which he is going to repeat one day) and Jason Robards. The Church Times published a piece about Reunion recently in which John Arnold wrote: ‘The best gift from Germany to prose literature is the Novelle, the long short story with its unity of time, place, and subject matter, simple plot, few characters, and concentration on Stimmung— which is an untranslatable word combining mood, atmosphere, and an intangible sense of foreboding and melancholy, of evening mist over a lake in autumn.’ This is very well put: think Hetty Dorval, think Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, think Every Eye.

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