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4 August 2015

(c) Bristol Museum and Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Constance Oliver At the Seaside. The date of this painting is unknown, and indeed apparently nothing is known about the artist except that she died in 1940. It’s at Bristol Museum and on their website is a sad little notice: ‘This object is in store, please contact the Museum to arrange to see the object.’ There is something about the repeated word object that is so, well, dispiriting. But what a glorious painting. (Stop press: thanks to a Persephone reader who discovered here that ‘painters such as Paul Nash and Constance Oliver lived through, and vividly recorded, the experience of the Great War. She studied art at the Slade School and after graduating she specialised in portraits and landscapes working in both oil and watercolours.’ And it is curiously appropriate, given that she painted during the First World War – but where are her paintings? – that she is on the Post on August 4th.)

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