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5 November 2015


In Berlin, some children carry a Care package through the rubble. The first 20,000 packages reached Le Havre in May 1946 so this picture was presumably taken a few weeks after that. Here are more details of the scheme, including a list of what was in the boxes: 1 lb beef stew, 1 lb steak and kidney, 8 oz liver loaf, 8 oz corned beef, 12 oz luncheon meat, 8 oz bacon, 2 lbs margarine, 1 lb lard, 1 lb fruit (stewed, or jam), 1 lb honey, 1 lb raisins, 1 lb  chocolate, 2 lbs sugar, 8 oz egg powder, 2 lbs milk power, 2 lbs coffee.

  • 2 pounds of coffee

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