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6th June 2022

Here in the UK everyone is worn out – by endless Jubilee news (we love the Queen, but still...), by Our Leader, by the grey weather, by a hundred days of war, by the little detail on this excellent programme by Cosmo Sheldrake yesterday that in a few years nightingales will have disappeared altogether – how CAN we be allowing this to happen? And so on. However, one of the Persephone team managed to escape to Trouville for a few glorious days last week, so this week on the Post we too shall escape there, if only on our screens. This is Monet in 1870 and (apparently) it hasn't changed much. (For Brits wanting to do the same – it's Eurostar to Paris, then a change of stations and another train. The hotels are cheap and unpretentious but friendly. And the food merveilleux.)

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