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7 August 2018

Louise-Catherine Breslau_LesAmies_1881_‘The exhibition sparks exultation and regret. It trumpets the dozens of female artists who beat preposterous odds to study and work in Paris. It also mourns all the talents that were unrecognised or belittled by rotten teachers, antagonistic husbands and an unsympathetic society.’ Nicely put by Ariella Budick in the FT. She adds: ‘I found myself overwhelmed by the pervasive sense of suppressed gifts and squandered potential. Most women had to choose between vocation and family, but in the end their decisions hardly mattered: eventually their art disappeared into footnotes and long-term storage.’ Even better put! This is Louise-Catherine Breslau Les Amies 1881. What a fascinating painting! There is a useful blog here about it.

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